Anti Aging

   While we can’t stop the aging process, there are many ways we can help to slow it, and they do not all have to be by surgical means.

When slowing the aging process, we uses three approaches:

  1- Support the body to combat oxidative stress, a free radical damage.  Put simply, oxidative stress is a measure of how fast our bodies are rusting. The more free radicals our bodies are exposed to from our environment, the faster we wear out, or rust, and show signs of the aging process.  We use a holistic approach to look for the roots of the problems to what might be going on behind the scenes that is causing a rapid aging process. We use a special highly bioabsorbable  antioxidant formulas to help stop the aging process from the inside out.



 2- Once the body is supported internally and well cleansed, we use a variety of topical products to better support  healthy strength of collagen in the skin. When the skin is well supported, we also take measures to prevent further topical free radical damage to the skin to stop wrinkles in their tracks and lessen how deep they go.

 3- After we have supported the body internally and externally, we look at other outside influences that can be covertly affecting the body. Studies have shown that stress can be a hidden factor to accelerating the aging process.  In fact, extreme stress can exacerbate the aging process by a factor of 6. That means we are aging six times faster than we should due to the stress we are under. So in 365 days we have aged six years.  We can show you ways to better manage stress so it is not aging you prematurely and making you sick from the inside out.

If you want to look and feel your best and get on a preventative aging program contact us to see how we can help.