Allergy Testing


Exposing the Roots

The body wants to be healthy on its own. In fact, it is written into our DNA. But many of us are not in an environment nutritionally to bring about good health. Naturopathic Medicine is about helping the body restore balance so that the body can heal.  Many of us need to be cleansed and replenished. When we are in this cleansed and replenished state, what happens? Disease does not have a terrain in which to grow.

Dr. David has studied under European Practitioners to find more effective ways get to the cause of what is going on in a person’s body. As a result of this, European medicine routinely uses Electrodermal Screening to quickly evaluate their clients’ condition.

Though Electrodermal Screening is a tried and true testing method in Europe, it is not currently recognized as a diagnostic method in the United States. Electrodermal Screening is strictly used to illuminate and improve a clients’ overall health state.

Using electrical measurements for a patient’s evaluation is employed routinely in the conventional  medical community. Similar to Electrocardiographs (ECG), which are used to measure heart rhythms, or Electroencephalographs (EEG), which gauge brain waves, Electrodermal Screening works along these lines and determines imbalances within the body.  This type of screening can also be used to evaluate medicines used to alleviate the imbalances found. For this reason, Electrodermal Screening can be an invaluable resource when viewing a client’s overall health state. The body tends to layer conditions over one another each with each layer being more serious, much like Matryoshka, or Russian Nesting dolls. This method of testing is very effective at seeing past the layers of dysfunction to focus on and target the root problem at the center to better solve the health puzzle.  

Electro-dermal Screening offers a variety of in depth programs to better understand ones overall health in a quick and concise manner.  

Some of the most popular screenings are the following:

-Food Sensitivities Chemical Sensitivities    

-Chronic Unknown Infections Causing Fatigue    

-Supplement Tolerances and Effectiveness  

Many physicians find Electrodermal Screening an invaluable resource to help shape a patient’s overall health plan. By molding a client’s health plan early on, the “guess work”  and standard protocol that most doctors/physicians follow when helping patients can be formulated to each specific client’s needs versus the overall majority. This allows for faster positive results and in turn a healthier, happier client.

Due to the unique nature of Electrodermal Screening, many clients find it convenient, while finally providing the answers they seek.

Benefits: Non-Invasive Screening; Great for children and infants. 

Results in real time; Variety of screening options to illuminate the root cause of symptoms such as:

-Unknown infections like: viruses, parasites, bacteria, molds, and yeasts causing fatigue

-Environmental sensitivities and intolerances like: metals, chemicals and pollutants weakening organs  

Food allergens and sensitivities like: gluten, dairy, and soy effecting digestion, and causing skin breakouts

-Environmental Allergens like: trees, pollen, and weeds that rob energy

Systems that are weak like: heart, lung, thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, digestive, and supplements that can best promote and support their healing