About Us

Dr. David is an Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) who did his undergraduate work at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven Connecticut where he received a BA in Biological Science specializing in comparative anatomy.  Dr. Dave then achieved his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine where he and members of his class were fortunate to be able share professors with Yale’s medical school only 20 miles away.  This 8 plus year medical program included the traditional internships and ER rotations all to become educated and versed in all of the modalities of conventional western medicine including pharmacology,  gene therapy, and radiation therapy. All while focusing on natural therapies to really bring about healing.

After completing this program, Dr. David  then spend 22 years in private practice specializing in counseling , endocrinology, immunology, chronic fatigue syndrome, and the environmental triggers that can cause the body to become unhealthy. It was early in his career that Dr. David became a certified a Spirit Med Environmental Medicine Practitioner to better address the environmental influences that cause issues to present in the body.  All the while, Dr. David’s core focus was to always find the root cause that is making the body display its specific symptoms.  Find and focus on the root cause, the symptoms resolve and the body goes back into a balance. Dr. David is an author and has also done higher level physician support and training in endocrinology as well as teach anatomy and physiology at the collegiate level.

Dr. Dave does one on one consults with individuals to help them get answers to improving their health and has taken many from being incapacitated, hopeless, and bedridden to leading happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. He also does speaking engagements for groups and organizations.  It is always a life changing experience.  For more information please feel free to contact us to find out how we can support you.